Jun 24 2014

Oh Hey

It's been nearly three years since the last update but the server is still going strong and everyone is beginning to play semi-regularly again after quite a long break. I removed some old parts of the site that are no longer relevant. We'll be expanding into a new city soon, and here's a sweet industricool plant being bult in the main city:

Jan 20 2012

Just finished updating the server to the most current minecraft release, version 1.1 - so go ahead and update your clients. Didn't run into any problems and everything seems to be running fine. I also changed our backup schedule - the server now performs a full backup every 12 hours - and keeps the most recent 10 backups. That gives a five day window after something goes horribly wrong for one of you to decide to email me and tell me about it - and still have a full recovery be possible.

As always, updating will clear your flymod. After updating your Minecraft, download this new flymod package and install it as usual -

Download v1.1 FlyMod Package
Nov 30 2011


Just thought I'd give you guys a small update.

Ran through everything and updated what was needed. Obviously the server is at 1.0.0 and all our plugins seem to be playing nicely.

Did a fresh full-render on the dynmap so there's no more giant out of place image tiles where you've copy-pasted stuff.

Thinking about updating the Buildcraft server to Buildcrafts "Alpha" testing version, to see if that doesn't get rid of this weird redstone/CPU usage bug going on. (Up to you guys though, you'll have to update your clients). (Just kidding, turns out the alpha version has no multiplayer)

Also added a download link to a copy of the Buildcraft map under the "World" tab up top. (If you want your own copy of the map).

A last note - In regards to the main city in our regular Minecraft server - have a bit of spatial awareness, and respect the main town. Those main streets and the things on them are a bit of an homage to the people that started this server and we'd like to keep it neat, clean, and non-encroaching. If you have an idea for something you think would fit, great. But - There's been a few giant ass structures popping up overshadowing about half the city, and literally running through pre-existing structures. I'm not going to name names, or remove/alter things to fix it like a douche, but just keep the whole city in mind when building. I promised myself I wouldn't turn into one of those people that removes things because they don't "fit" - but literally, things are starting to not physically fit into the main city. Keep it clean! Outside of that main city - build a giant cocknballs, I really don't care.

As always, if you're having an issue with either server, or have a suggestion/request - email me.

Nov 22 2011

Sorry for letting the updates on this site lag so far behind - real life has been taking up more time than I'd like. Just ran through everything on our server, every plugin and config, double-checked and updated all. The server is now running the latest 1.0.0 retail minecraft so update your clients.

This Bukkit build is technically experimental so keep your eyes open for odd bugs or mishaps here and there. If you find any, EMAIL ME! My email is right up there under the "Contact" button. I'm tired of logging onto the server and hearing "well uhh this has been broken for a few weeks, we've been waiting for you to jump on". I have an email, it goes right to my phone, and in most cases I can fix things from there as well. So use it!

As always, updating will clear your flymod. After updating your Minecraft, download this new flymod package and install it as usual -

Download v1.0.0 FlyMod Package

I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around so long. It's almost been a year! Everyone has built some super neat stuff and I'm proud of how well we've all gotten along in such an open and easily breakable world. This server will be up as long as there's people playing on it, so stick around and if you know someone that would make a worthy member, send them our way!

Happy Building!
Sep 27 2011

Finally updated the server to 1.8.1, so you can now update your clients. After you do that, install the new flymod package - http://mc.fohdeesha.com/mocha/flymod437.zip

Everything seems smooth, the only real bug so far is that messages typed through the live map are not showing up in game.

if you find any bugs email me.

Aug 14 2011

Spawn Moved

We added a basement floor to the main train station and compiled all the portals to said floor, providing a central hub to access all the other worlds running on the server.

During this we moved the servers spawn to the middle of this floor, giving quick access to the train station, ground level, as well as portals. This should help with new members getting lost.

Aug 14 2011


Updated a bunch of stuff at once last night. Also turned monsters off in the main world, as it seems to have gone strictly freebuild and everyone just uses /butcher all the time anyway. I'll probably turn them back on when these guys get introduced.

Dynmap is now at version 0.21

Multiverse is now at version 2.0

Weather Restrictions is now at version 1.9

McMyAdmin is now at version

Last but not least, Bukkit is now at build #1056

Everything running smoothly as always.

Aug 5 2011

Due to demand I've installed the Wireless Redstone plugin, allowing for the transmitting of redstone from anywhere to anywhere.

To use it is pretty simple, read the steps and instructions here - Wireless Redstone for Bukkit

Basically, create the signs as it explains. If you want to remove a channel to start over with it, type /WRremove channelname. You can place the signs on top of blocks, directly on the side of them, etc. Just imagine the sign as a lever.

Here's the only rule - prefix your channel names with the first three letters or so of your name, so we don't interfere with each others channels by using generic 1, 2, 3, etc. Use bat1 instead of 1 for example.

Jul 9 2011

Server has just been updated to 1.7.3, so make sure to update your clients!

As always, updating will wipe your flymod. I've updated the easy install flymod package to 1.7.3, so just click the Fly Mod tab and install as usual.

Everything should be smooth but email me if you find problems!

Jul 3 2011

The server is now running the latest version of minecraft, so please hit "update" when the game asks you to. After you do that, you will need to re-install the flymod. I've updated the flymod easy install package for 1.7, so just grab that and install it per usual.

Everything seems to be running fine but I alone can't do very much extensive testing, if you run into problems or burn everything down shoot me an email.

Have a play with the pistons, they're awesome. The item ID for a normal piston is 33, which will push blocks but not pull them back. The item ID for a sticky piston, which will do both, is 29. I highly suggest reading the wiki article for them. Remember that the piston will face towards wherever you were when you placed it. If you want the piston actuator to be on top, look down while placing it.

Last but not least, this new version of the dynamic map seems to load the image tiles MUCH faster.


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