Jul 3 2011

The server is now running the latest version of minecraft, so please hit "update" when the game asks you to. After you do that, you will need to re-install the flymod. I've updated the flymod easy install package for 1.7, so just grab that and install it per usual.

Everything seems to be running fine but I alone can't do very much extensive testing, if you run into problems or burn everything down shoot me an email.

Have a play with the pistons, they're awesome. The item ID for a normal piston is 33, which will push blocks but not pull them back. The item ID for a sticky piston, which will do both, is 29. I highly suggest reading the wiki article for them. Remember that the piston will face towards wherever you were when you placed it. If you want the piston actuator to be on top, look down while placing it.

Last but not least, this new version of the dynamic map seems to load the image tiles MUCH faster.