Nov 22 2011

Sorry for letting the updates on this site lag so far behind - real life has been taking up more time than I'd like. Just ran through everything on our server, every plugin and config, double-checked and updated all. The server is now running the latest 1.0.0 retail minecraft so update your clients.

This Bukkit build is technically experimental so keep your eyes open for odd bugs or mishaps here and there. If you find any, EMAIL ME! My email is right up there under the "Contact" button. I'm tired of logging onto the server and hearing "well uhh this has been broken for a few weeks, we've been waiting for you to jump on". I have an email, it goes right to my phone, and in most cases I can fix things from there as well. So use it!

As always, updating will clear your flymod. After updating your Minecraft, download this new flymod package and install it as usual -

Download v1.0.0 FlyMod Package

I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around so long. It's almost been a year! Everyone has built some super neat stuff and I'm proud of how well we've all gotten along in such an open and easily breakable world. This server will be up as long as there's people playing on it, so stick around and if you know someone that would make a worthy member, send them our way!

Happy Building!