Nov 30 2011


Just thought I'd give you guys a small update.

Ran through everything and updated what was needed. Obviously the server is at 1.0.0 and all our plugins seem to be playing nicely.

Did a fresh full-render on the dynmap so there's no more giant out of place image tiles where you've copy-pasted stuff.

Thinking about updating the Buildcraft server to Buildcrafts "Alpha" testing version, to see if that doesn't get rid of this weird redstone/CPU usage bug going on. (Up to you guys though, you'll have to update your clients). (Just kidding, turns out the alpha version has no multiplayer)

Also added a download link to a copy of the Buildcraft map under the "World" tab up top. (If you want your own copy of the map).

A last note - In regards to the main city in our regular Minecraft server - have a bit of spatial awareness, and respect the main town. Those main streets and the things on them are a bit of an homage to the people that started this server and we'd like to keep it neat, clean, and non-encroaching. If you have an idea for something you think would fit, great. But - There's been a few giant ass structures popping up overshadowing about half the city, and literally running through pre-existing structures. I'm not going to name names, or remove/alter things to fix it like a douche, but just keep the whole city in mind when building. I promised myself I wouldn't turn into one of those people that removes things because they don't "fit" - but literally, things are starting to not physically fit into the main city. Keep it clean! Outside of that main city - build a giant cocknballs, I really don't care.

As always, if you're having an issue with either server, or have a suggestion/request - email me.