Jul 1 2011

Minecraft version 1.7 was rolled out today. As you should all know by now, DO NOT UPDATE YET! It will take at least a few days to a week for Bukkit (our server software) and all the plugins we use to be update to 1.7.

Until then, the server is remaining at 1.6.6. When you launch minecraft and it asks you to update, be very sure to select "not now". Like I said, in a week or so when all our plugins are updated the server will be moved to 1.7 and we can all happily update.

If you accidentally already upgraded, you will not be able to get into the server. To roll back your Minecraft to version 1.6.6, download the package below and follow the instructions carefully!

Download v1.6.6 rollback package
Jun 6 2011

As the weather control plugin we were previously using stopped working, and is no longer being developed, I switched the server over to something else. Now clear commands actually work. They're pretty simple.

new weather commands:

Makes it rain.

Clears the rain.
Jun 2 2011

The server is now running the latest version of minecraft, v1.6.6, so update your clients! When you update, it will overwrite your flymod, and you will need to re-install it once Mincecraft has been updated. I've updated the flymod package for v1.6.6, so click the flymod tab and download/install it exactly as you have in the past.

Also, a few commands have changed. The /lookup command is now /search. So don't try using /lookup anymore, it's been deprecated. You shouldn't need to be searching anyway, just get used to typing the item name when using /i. If the item name is two words, don't use spaces. For example, /i goldenapple. The teleport commands have also changed, use /tp playername to teleport to a player. Use /bring playername to teleport a player to you. All commands and full descriptions are in the commands tab up top.

I've changed the color scheme of the live map, check it out. Should be much brighter and easier to look at.

There's also a new world type called "skylands", the world is nothing but floating islands. To check it out, go to the basement of my blue/gold house and use the glass portal.

One last thing - when you use a portal to teleport to another world, it will take a while for the new world to load. But it will load, so be patient and don't try to move around until the world has loaded. This should be fixed with a Bukkit/Multiverse update in the next day or two.

That's about it, if you run into any problems or bugs tell me about it at jon@fohdeesha.com

May 26 2011

MC v1.6 was rolled out this morning, and was (is) horribly broken. They've already rolled out four concurrent patches to try and fix it, but it's still suffering from horrible chunk loading and scheduler issues, the multiplayer side is literally unplayable. So naturally as Notch and his team do zero testing before releasing a patch, it's going to take them a few more patches to fix the 1.6 code. Then it will take some time after that for Bukkit and 3rd party plugin developers to update their code in accordance.

Long story short: The Fohdeeshan Craft server will remain at v1.5 for at least a day or two longer. Simply choose "not now" when it asks you to update. If you have already updated your client to v1.6, download the package below, and follow the instructions to roll back your game to v1.5, so you can join our server. I'll keep you posted on 1.6 progress, but it's looking like notch is going to put out at least a few more patches before things are stable.

Download v1.5 rollback package
May 18 2011

Going Public!

After about two months of testing, configuration, tweaking, and fun, the server is going public. We've had a great time playing and building the start of this world, and now we're looking to expand this community from 10 to 60+. I'm to the point where I'm happy enough with the configuration to open the server to everybody.


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